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CSEF 2018 Project of the Year Award

CSEF 2018 Public Viewing Day

ACSEF 2018 Grand Award


Poster session at MAA MathFest 2018 in Denver, CO.
(On the left is Dr. Michael Pearson, MAA executive director).

  • Throttling Numbers for Cops vs. Gambler

    Along with my research partners James Lin and Carl Joshua Quines, under the mentorship of Dr. Jesse Geneson, I created this presentation for the Eighth Annual MIT PRIMES conference. The presentation was held by James and myself on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA on May 19, 2018.

  • Random Walks in Expander Graphs

    I created this presentation as part of the UC Berkeley Directed Reading Program (DRP) in Fall 2017 under the mentorship of graduate student Rahul Dalal.

    The Directed Reading Program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to work closely with UC Berkeley mathematics graduate students in an independent reading project. The goal is to enable motivated undergraduates to engage with mathematics in more depth and breadth than is typically possible in a classroom.

    The presentation was given to other mentors and mentees of the program.

  • Constructible Numbers in Origami

    This was an individual project I did for my upper division Classical Geometries (MATH 130) class at UC Berkeley in November 2017. I presented how origami can be used to construct every number (i.e., ratio of a length) that can be constructed with a compass and straightedge, plus some.

MIT PRIMES Conference 2018 Participants

Presentation on Constructible Numbers in Origami, held for my upper-divison Classical Geometry class at UC Berkeley in November 2017.

Team Competitions

  • Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition (CHMMC) 2017
    A mathematics team competition for high school students organized by Caltech and Harvey Mudd math clubs.

    Our team won 4th place overall.

CHMMC 2017 team A* 2
  • Stanford ProCo 2017
    A computer programming contest for high school students in the style of college-level ACM-ICPC.

    Our team won the overall grand prize in the novice division.

ProCo 2017 Team SudoSandwich with dad, our coach, in back.

Other Activities

Check out what I do for fun, and my personal introduction to the 2018 (first) cohort of World Science Scholars.